MARY ANN FITZGERALD, operates ‘Order Up a Garden’ at Pettengill Farm and offers a consultation service.

Graduate of Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute

Graduate of Landscape Institute of The Boston Architectural College & Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Over 30 + years of experience designing and consulting

The design studio is located at Pettengill Farm, ‘a flower farm of distinction’ the studio is situated within the courtyard settings that Mary Ann has designed and Jim FitzGerald has installed.
Opened to the public, the situational settings help the client to visualize size, material and a feel for style of interest. 

Scheduled by appointment with Mary Ann FitzGerald
t: 978-265-9112

This service has proven very successful for the homeowner, commercial or public landowner who wants to improve upon their outdoor space but does not need a detailed set of plans. My 30+ years of experience has equipped me with a vast understanding of the Landscape Design and Horticultural process.

If meeting at my Design Studio (off-site), you will need to bring
 measurements and photos of your area of concern. After review and discussion, you will walk away with
a rough layout sketch of your area, indicating plant material and any construction ideas, patios & walkways, etc.

The benefit of meeting on your location (on-site) is to personally experience your space and the environmental context of the area of interest. In this format you will take notes as we discuss your challenges and opportunities.

Whether the consultation takes place within my Design Studio or on your property, experience has shown that within 2-3+ hours of time a rough concept can materialize. This service is customized to meet the needs of the client and from there discussions can be had on how to bring the concept to reality.

Hourly rate: $85.00
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  • Landscape sketches and/or detailed drawings of plot plans & elevations
  • Concepts for hardscape materials: patios, walkways, retainer walls, etc.
  • Conceptual details for architectural structures: decks, fences, arbors, pergolas
  • Plant material selection and personalized nursery shopping
  • Restoration of existing landscape and pruning assistance or instruction
  • Historical landscape research
  • Landscape development for therapeutic or residential treatment centers